A look at windows 10: short review for you

You may already know that many users are opting for windows 10 for their operating system. Well, if you don’t have windows 10 as your operating system and you are wondering to get one, then you should read this- windows 10 review-should you board the train? This article will take a look at windows 10: a short review for you.

A look at windows 10: short review for you:

• If you are using windows 8, then you should definitely know that the windows 10 OS comes with a start menu button. This start menu button is placed at the lower left hand corner, similar to that of windows 7. So this time, unlike windows 8, windows 10 start menu will not take you off to a new screen when you click it. However you will find that the live tiles that were used for windows 8 are also being used in the windows 10 OS but will the different function of the start menu, unlike windows 8.

• Navigation process in windows 10 is much more improved that the previous versions. If you were troubled by the hot corners of windows 8, windows 10 have gotten rid of this function for you. Instead there is a new addition in the place of the hot corners, which is; in windows 10 there is a new action center that will work as a notification collection area to collect different notifications from apps or emails.

• Windows 10 comes with a snap feature that will enable you to use two screens at the same time, with each of the screen snapped in half on the main screen.
• There is also an addition of task view which is similar in function to the Mission control on Mac.
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